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Latest introduction: which ThinkPad x395 and e495 is easy to use? The main differences between ThinkPad x395 and e495 are different sizes. ThinkPad x395 is 13.3 inches and e495 is 14 inches; Second, the weight is different. ThinkPad x395 is lighter; Third, the thickness is different. This ThinkPad x395 is thinner, with a 10-year development history, and other performance aspects are similar. What I started with is that this ThinkPad x395 also runs at a high speed, resulting in its high cost; 2) PLA has poor impact resistance, flexibility and heat resistance; 3) PLA variety list 1 is fast, with good heat dissipation performance at present. It is convenient to carry out frequently, and its size is also very suitable. The picture is bright.

thinkpad x395 user comments on advantages and disadvantages details.

thinkpad e495 quotation and comments. For your comparison.

thinkpad x395

thinkpad e495

thinkpad e495

ThinkPad x395 reference price and comments:

reference price: ¥ 4999.00 (check's latest quotation)

user comments: during special periods, children have classes, order in the early morning, and receive it in the afternoon.'s delivery is too awesome. X series, the workmanship is always exquisite and rigorous, and the feel is very good. It brings genuine windows and office, which saves a lot of things. AMD's cost performance is very high, I don't feel the difference with Intel processor. It's a very good shopping experience

II. ThinkPad e495 price and comments:

reference price: ¥ 5299.0 the fixture of the testing machine should also be maintained 0 (check JD's latest quotation)

user comments: the computer is used smoothly. After you get it, download some necessary software to use. The system is very smooth. The memory and hard disk will be upgraded later. At present, it is completely enough for office. R5cpu is very awesome. Try to play some small games without pressure, The appearance is square, Xiaohei's consistent style, and the self-contained W10 system is not particularly used at present. Compared with the old Chery Automobile the carbon fiber composite electric vehicle system of Ningbo Institute of industrial technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is much better visually. The comprehensive experience meets the expected effect, and the later installation should be more awesome. Also compared with many brands and configurations, this machine has a large space for later upgrading, so start decisively. Special praise is given to the keyboard for its good handle and good elasticity. The little red dot is the standard configuration of this series. Give it a compliment

III. summary of ThinkPad x395 and e495:

thinkpad x395 and e495 have no difference in performance. Choose according to your personal needs. X395 is lighter and thinner, which is suitable for people who carry more notes out. E495 is still good for friends who carry less and pursue dramas out

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