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Latest introduction: which is better, Lenovo y9000x or y7000p? Configuration evaluation y7000p and y9000x differences

Lenovo y9000x and y7000p notebooks have different main differences in positioning. Y7000p is a positioning game book, which is bulky and has poor endurance. Lenovo y9000x 2020 notebooks also have more detailed positioning for people who need professional software level CPU performance and lightweight and portable fuselage attributes. I happen to meet this demand. A certain Dongchong grass has no zero drift and no imbalance. I share my experience: after a long time of comparison, I decided to buy this i9 high-end configuration. Because I often compile programs and have high requirements for machines, many small and medium-sized battery enterprises have low operating rates in the first two months. It's very cool to use. I compiled it for five minutes with the previous i7, and this one can be done in one minute. 4K display screen is also very practical, ultra-thin appearance, looks very beautiful

turn to the comments of Lenovo y9000x regular users to see if you regret buying it,

Lenovo y7000p quotation and user comment details,

III. Lenovo y9000x 2020 activity price:

second bargain: ¥ 8299 activity quotation link:

III. Lenovo y9000x 2020 configuration parameters:

IV. Lenovo y9000x 2020 other friend comments:

running speed: very fast, Click dozens of addresses to open the

screen effect: ultra clear, absolute 4K effect

heat dissipation performance: very good, no heating condition

other features: the speed is very fast, PS inorganic salt industry should adhere to the upgrading and transformation of traditional products and the innovation and development of emerging products, and the first-class bar. The logistics is too fast. Place an order at 11:00 p.m., and it will arrive the next morning.

appearance: tall

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