Latest knowledge of wire mesh technology

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New knowledge of silk technology

several formulas and parameters for silk calculation

calculate the weight of silk:

silk diameter x silk diameter x mesh =1 square meter (Jin) Weight

calculate the weight of steel plate:

the weight of 1 square meter of steel plate ÷ elongation rate =the weight of 1 square meter of steel plate

calculate the influence of steel plate vertical installation weight:

the plate thickness x is equal to the energy consumption of vehicles with magnesium and steel components in their whole life cycle. Weight =1 square meter of steel plate weight 3 When a project is given,

specific gravity of common materials:

iron =7.85 aluminum =2.7 copper =8.95 stainless steel =7.93

calculate the elongation of steel plate:

steel plate rhombic hole short direction pitch ÷ 2 times the stem =1 square meter steel plate can be stretched to a few meters steel plate

calculate the weight of iron wire:

wire diameter x wire diameter x0.00617=1 meter iron wire weight (experience)

there are many methods about wire calculation, It is our long-term experience in announcing the imposition of tariffs on 106 goods in the United States

source: Chinese metal products

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