Overview of PE markets around China on April 17

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April 17 overview of PE markets in various regions

the current price of PE market in Xiamen is slightly lower, about 100 yuan/ton, and there is no obvious sign of improvement in downstream delivery. When the stress of the reference plastic material is less than the yield limit, its mechanical properties under pressure are basically the same as those under tension. Quotation: 2426h tax included 9400 yuan/ton, 7042 tax included 9400 yuan/ton, metallocene sp1520/2320 tax included 12000 yuan/ton, sp1520 tax included 11900 yuan/ton, 3224 tax included 9500 yuan/ton, f2523 pre-sale reported 9300 yuan/ton, 3305 futures reported 9900 yuan/ton, lf1040cc pre-sale reported 9900 yuan/ton

the transaction in Shantou PE market has not improved significantly today, and the quotation is relatively chaotic. Some merchants take the opportunity to ship goods, and most downstream factories wait and see. Imported LLDPE (9415, -5.00, -0.05%) multi dimension holds at 8700 yuan/ton, fv149 at 8730 yuan/ton, Lanhua 7042 is delivered at 8750 yuan/ton, and the market spot price is chaotic. 7042 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426k/h 8800 yuan/ton, low-pressure membrane 9500 yuan/ton, and 5502 is 10000 yuan/ton. The above quotation does not include tax

the price of PE in Linyi is stable today. For some brands such as high-voltage, wire drawing is slightly higher, and the mentality of market participants is improved. 7042/1802 was quoted at 9050 yuan/ton, and 2102tn26 was quoted at 9300 yuan/ton, a small increase of 1 compared with yesterday. After purchasing the impact testing machine, the price of wire drawing material increased slightly. It is reported that the market was very good at 10500 yuan/ton, and the merchants raised their quotation to yuan/ton. The above quotation does not include tax

the PE market in Shanghai has stabilized, and the transaction has improved, but the price of imported materials is still low, and the inquiry has increased. The factory is actively waiting and waiting to prepare for entering the market

the current price of Shunde PE market is slightly lower, and the inquiry is still ordinary. After the listing of petrochemicals, the downstream factories are still mostly on the sidelines, and the goods are not high for the time being

the current price of PE market in Guangzhou is generally stable, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong. At most, there are the following two reasons: the quotation is mostly about yuan/ton lower than the listing price, waiting for downstream acceptance, but the market still has early low-cost goods sales, which puts some pressure on the price of newly issued goods

there are still few deals in Nanjing PE market, but the enquiries have increased significantly. The linear quotation is 9500 yuan/ton, the wiredrawing quotation is 11300 yuan/ton, and the injection molding quotation is 10300 yuan/ton. The injection molding transaction is relatively small, and there is no empty goods

the early linear quotation in Beijing PE market was slightly higher, with a range of 50 yuan/ton. The low-voltage and high-voltage quotation remained stable. The quotation of CNPC 7042 was 9500 yuan/ton, 2426h was 9400 yuan/ton, and the low-voltage quotation remained stable. The 5000S was 11450 yuan/ton, and the 5200b was 10500 yuan/ton. 1c7a is priced at 10300 yuan/ton, ld100ac is priced at yuan/ton, and most of the high voltage are lower than those listed

the supply of goods in Changzhou PE market is general. Today, the market transaction shows signs of improvement, and the search for goods begins to increase. Linear report of RMB/ton, high-voltage report of RMB 9600/ton or more, 5000S report of RMB 11300/ton, 6098 report of RMB 11300/ton, 9455f report of RMB 10300/ton, and 2911 report of RMB 10200/ton less

the PE market of Qilu Chemical City had a stable quotation in the morning, the inquiry had improved, the middlemen had the intention to receive the goods, and the transaction was average temporarily. Reference quotation: 7042 tax free at 8850 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 tax free at 9500 yuan/ton, 2100tn00 tax free at 96002 The switch movable shaft is rusted or stuck RMB yuan/ton, and the tax free rate of 6098 rises to 10450 yuan/ton

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