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On December 3rd, 2009, the PE market overview of various places

Tianjin Port P, so that the experimental machine can easily switch various specifications of anchor chain tensile test control process. The e market offer is not many, and the offer is basically the same as yesterday. The supply of imported membrane materials is limited, the quotation rises, and there are few transactions at high prices for the time being. 7042 excluding tax is 10550 yuan/ton

the PE market quotation of Qilu Chemical City was stable, the LLDPE futures opened lower, and the LLDPE price was slightly lower than that of yesterday afternoon. The market inquiry was general temporarily, and a large number of transactions were not heard. The recent market turnover is general, the merchants' enthusiasm for billing is low, and the overall supply of goods in the market is not much. The fracture of the sample is always broken at both sides 7042 yuan/ton excluding tax declaration

the PE market in Linyi has a general supply of goods. Crude oil and futures affect the market atmosphere. The quotation is slightly adjusted, the inquiry is light, and the overall transaction is less. Yangzi linear, excluding tax, is 10600 yuan/ton

the PE market price in Qingdao port remained stable, the downstream inquiry atmosphere was acceptable, and the firm offer transaction was not significantly improved. International crude oil fell, but the range was not large. The mentality of the merchants was acceptable, and the shipments were mainly based on the market

the price of PE market in Shantou is basically the same as that of yesterday. The overall market inquiry is light and the trading volume is small. At present, the merchants are not very motivated to issue orders, and most of them mainly issue inventory. Maoming Petrochemical 7042 reported 10500 yuan/ton

the PE market price in Yuyao has weakened. In terms of main performance, the transaction is poor, and the traders have sufficient supply of goods. Daqing Petrochemical reported 10900 yuan/ton for 5000S

the offer of Beijing PE market was stable and small, and the mainstream offer of HDPE fell by 50 yuan/ton. International crude oil fell, and merchants' willingness to ship increased. The downstream factory/middleman's inquiry is OK, but the firm offer is fair for the time being. Yanshan Petrochemical reported 10550 yuan/ton for 5000S and Daqing Petrochemical reported 10550 yuan/ton for 5000S

the PE market demand in Nanjing is still low, the transaction is poor, and the price is stable. 10900 yuan/ton for 5000S, 10400 yuan/ton for 5301b and 10600 yuan/ton for injection molding

the PE market price in Hangzhou is stable, and the linear transaction is the most difficult. The supply of some low-voltage varieties is tight, but the demand is not significantly different in the sheath extrusion. Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10900 yuan/ton for 5000S

the PE market in Guangzhou is generally stable today, with little price fluctuation, and merchants are mainly active in shipping. The recent weak downstream demand makes it difficult to follow up the market transactions and the trading volume is small. Maoming Petrochemical 5502 reported 10550 microcomputer automatic control yuan/ton

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