Overview of PE markets around China on December 3

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On December 3, the PE market in Qilu Chemical City basically maintained yesterday's price. 7042 tax included declaration of 8550 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 less goods without tax reported 8500 yuan/ton, 2102tn00 tax included declaration of 9000 yuan/ton, 2100tn00 tax included declaration of 8650 yuan/ton, and 6098 tax included declaration of 8620 yuan/ton, down from yesterday

although the price rise of domestic petrochemical industry is relatively high, traders around Yanshan are worried about the demand and dare not blindly raise their prices. Some of today's prices are lower than yesterday's. 1c7a reported 8300 yuan/ton, ld100ac 8300 yuan/ton, ld605/607 8300 yuan/ton, CNPC linear 8600 yuan/ton, 5000S yuan/ton, 5200b yuan/ton, 9455f 8150 yuan/ton, 1600j 7400 yuan/ton, 4801ex 8000 yuan/ton. Crude oil fell sharply, and it is expected that the downstream will slow down the pace of procurement. At the same time, traders are also cautious to increase inventories

Linyi PE market transaction Zhang Jiangfeng pointed out that generally, the quotation basically maintained yesterday. Yangzi linear reported no tax of 8450 yuan/ton, CNPC 2426h reported tax of 8400 yuan/ton, no tax of 8000 yuan/ton, 6098 reported no tax of 8300 yuan/ton, 5000S reported 8200 yuan/ton, and 7260 reported no tax of 7100 yuan/ton. Due to the sharp drop in crude oil, the purchasing pace of downstream and middlemen slowed down, but traders with few resources think there is no room for decline in the future market

crude oil fell back/transaction was not ideal. The atmosphere in Shanghai PE market today was light, but due to the lack of goods, the support was obvious, and the quotation was mostly stable. The quotation of some merchants fell, the imported material line was basically maintained, some high/low prices weakened, and the overall inquiry/transaction was flat. Domestic materials: q281 reported as RMB/ton, tr210 reported as RMB/ton. Imported materials: 92000 yuan/ton for 218w, 9000 yuan/ton for 3224, 9000 yuan/ton for 1002kw and 8600 yuan/ton for 00919

the overall quotation of PE market in Shantou is stable and slightly down. Although the price of PetroChina/SINOPEC is temporarily stable today, the market inquiry atmosphere is relatively light, and the wait-and-see mentality of merchants is obvious. Guanghua Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 no tax declaration of 8300 yuan/ton, Jihua 7042 no tax declaration of 8200 yuan/ton, Lanhua 1810D no tax declaration of 7800 yuan/ton, shell 2426k no tax declaration of 7800 yuan/ton, including tensile, contraction, low cycle and high cycle fatigue test tons of materials and parts, Maoming 2426k/h no tax declaration of 7500 yuan/ton, Maoming no tax declaration of 8000 yuan/ton, Maoming 5502 no tax declaration of 7300 yuan/ton, tr144 no tax declaration of 755 hanging or removing the corresponding pendulum thallium from the pendulum rod of 0 yuan/ton, It is also applicable to the tensile strength test of steel wire rope, conductor, hook, chain and other flexible parts. Lanhua/Daqing 5000S has no tax of 7800 yuan/ton, Jihua 7750 has no tax of 7200 yuan/ton, and 2911 is short of goods has no tax of 7800 yuan/ton

there are few PE market resources in Changzhou, but due to the continuous decline of crude oil/sluggish demand, today's linear high remains, and the high/low pressure prices have weakened. The price of 7042/0220kj is 9000 yuan/ton, that of CNPC high voltage is 8300 yuan/ton, that of 100ac/tn26 is RMB yuan/ton, that of low-voltage wire drawing is RMB yuan/ton, and that of 5301 is 8600 yuan/ton

crude oil has fallen sharply in recent days, and the inquiry atmosphere in Hangzhou PE market is light. Today's prices are mostly maintained at yesterday's prices, and some low-pressure prices have fallen slightly, with merchants mainly shipping. CNPC 7042 reported 8900 yuan/ton, Yangzi 7042/0220kj 9000 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac 8400 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426h 8400 yuan/ton, 1c7a 8600 yuan/ton, 5000S yuan/ton, SECCO 5502 8100 yuan/ton, 7260 7400 yuan/ton, 8008 7500 yuan/ton, 5306j 7500 yuan/ton

the linear/high-voltage transaction in Tianjin PE market is good today, and the low-voltage wire drawing transaction is average. CNPC 7042 reported 8600 yuan/ton, SECCO 0220kj 9100 yuan/ton, 2426h 8300 yuan/ton, 18D 8400 yuan/ton, 5000S 8500 yuan/ton, 5300b 8300 yuan/ton, 0218d 7850 yuan/ton, 15803 8650 yuan/ton

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