Overview of PE markets around China on February 5

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On February 5, the PE market overview of various places

the quotation of PetroChina was mainly stable, and petrochemicals intended to increase. In addition, there were not many market resources, so merchants still had the desire to report high prices. However, due to the poor market transaction yesterday, the price of Changzhou PE market today is mainly stable. 100ac reported RMB/ton, CNPC 2426h reported RMB 8900/ton, 7050 reported RMB 9000/ton, CNPC 7042 reported RMB/ton, 9455f reported RMB 8100/ton, and 2911 reported RMB 9400/ton

due to the scarce supply of linear/low-voltage goods in Xiamen PE market, the quotation continues to go up. The high-voltage quotation has little change. The market activity has improved compared with yesterday, but the overall transaction situation is still average. Lanhua 2426h/Daqing 2426k reported 8950 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426k reported 8900 yuan/ton, Saudi 218w/3224 goods understated 8900 yuan/ton, and 9001 reported 8350 yuan/ton. The above quotations include tax

the crude oil/ethylene is stable, PetroChina East China is stable, and Sinopec intends to increase. Today, Hangzhou is mainly stable, and the linear and some high-pressure prices are rising slightly. Businesses are waiting for petrochemical prices, and market inquiries are OK. Due to the lack of rework in the downstream, actual transactions are less. Domestic materials: 8500 yuan/ton for 602, 9100 yuan/ton for Yangba 2426h, 9200 yuan/ton for q281, 9000 yuan/ton for q210/n210 and 9600 yuan/ton for 7a

driven by the continuous rise of PetroChina South China PE, the market quotation in Shantou PE market followed the upward trend. The mentality of the merchants was better, the inquiry atmosphere was slightly better than yesterday, and the number of transactions was still small. Some merchants did their best to seek high-level transactions because they were not in a hurry to ship goods. The people on the floor continued to pay close attention to the introduction of the policy of petrochemical price adjustment. Guanghua Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 has no tax return of 8450 yuan/ton, Guanghua Petrochemical 2001 has no tax return of 8500 yuan/ton, Fushun 2911 has a shortage of goods, and Daqing/Lanhua 5000S has no tax return of about 9000 yuan/ton, and 3224 has no tax return of 8400 yuan/ton

traders in Tianjin PE market reported that there were not many imported resources and domestic materials. Today, the market quotation was strong, and some brands continued to report higher prices. 1c7a reported 9300 yuan/ton, 0218d 8600 yuan/ton excluding tax, 9150 yuan/ton including tax, 149m 9300 yuan/ton including tax, 1002kw 8700 yuan/ton excluding tax, fb3003 8900 yuan/ton, SECCO 5502fa 8500 yuan/ton, 0220aan 9100 yuan/ton

the price of Shunde PE market continued to rise with the rise of PetroChina South China PE. The inquiry situation was OK. The merchants continued to seek high-level transactions and paid attention to the trend of petrochemicals while operating cautiously. Guanghua Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 reported 8450 yuan/ton, Daqing 2426k reported 8400 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426k/2426h reported 8400 yuan/ton, Maoming reported 8600 yuan/ton, Maoming reported 8600 yuan/ton, Maoming reported 7900 yuan/ton, 218 optimized extrusion granulation process w reported 8600 yuan/ton, 3224 reported 8400 yuan/ton. All the above are tax exclusive quotations

PetroChina East China is stable. Sinopec Shanghai intends to increase its exports to developed countries mainly in the middle and low end. Affected by this, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the PE market in Shanghai in the morning. Some businesses maintain yesterday's prices, and some businesses have a high intention of raising their prices after waiting for the introduction of petrochemical prices. Domestic materials: Lanhua/Daqing/Jihua 7042 yuan/ton, 602 yuan/ton under reported

Sinopec Wuhan intends to increase. According to the requirements put forward by Volvo, the linear quotation in e market around Zhongyuan continues to rise today. The 7050 tax free quotation is 8700 yuan/ton, and the tax inclusive quotation is 9200 yuan/ton. The merchant said that there was a deal at the price of yuan/ton

driven by the continuous rise of PE pricing in PetroChina South China, the market quotation in Guangzhou has continued the rising trend in recent days. The inquiry atmosphere is more likely to be the source of goods than yesterday. Merchants take the opportunity to seek high transaction prices. At the same time, market participants still pay special attention to the price adjustment of petrochemical. Guanghua Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 reported 8900 yuan/ton, Lanhua/Jihua 7042 reported 8950 yuan/ton, Lanhua 2426h reported 8900 yuan/ton, 9455f reported 8250 yuan/ton, and Maoming 5502 reported 8250 yuan/ton. All the above are tax inclusive quotations

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