Overview of PE markets around China on July 11

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On July 11, the general situation of PE markets around China

Sinopec's ex factory price in Beijing continued to decline. Today, the quotation around Yanshan continues to decline. At present, the quotation is basically the same as the new ex factory price of Sinopec. 1c7a is quoted at 17950 yuan/ton, ld100ac at 15500 yuan/ton, and 5000S at 15500 yuan/ton. It is understood that PetroChina 7042 is quoted at 14700 yuan/ton, and 2426h at 15500 yuan/ton

some quotations in Shunde PE market continued to fall, and the transaction was flat. Affected by Sinopec's PE price reduction in Beijing, most market participants in South China believed that Sinopec's price reduction in Guangzhou would follow. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 reported 14300 yuan/ton, 2001 reported 14400 yuan/ton,/reported 15300 yuan/ton, tr144 reported 14100 yuan/ton, 218w reported yuan/ton, and 2911 reported 14650 yuan/ton

the local quotation in Tianjin continues to decline, and the merchants are willing to quote to the same level as the latest ex factory price of Sinopec. Due to the impact of the Olympic Games, the transportation is blocked, the market demand is weak, and the transaction is light. 9020 reported 14850 yuan/ton, PetroChina 7042 reported 14700 yuan/ton, 2426h reported 15500 yuan/ton, and 5000S reported 15700 yuan/ton. On the whole, the quotation is slightly chaotic

petrochemicals cut prices. The atmosphere in Nanjing was flat and there were few quotations. Yangzi 7042 was quoted at RMB/ton, and low-pressure wire drawing was quoted at RMB 15600/ton. Downstream and middlemen were mainly on the sidelines, and transactions remained weak

the local market in Shanghai today is mainly a wait-and-see market with few market quotations. On the whole, it is slightly chaotic and the transaction performance is weak. The merchants' mentality is low and they are willing to ship at low prices. When loading domestic materials, the action shall be light and stable: 1c7a reports 18500 yuan/ton, q281 reports 15750 yuan/ton, N150 yuan/ton, Lanhua 1810D reports 15800 yuan/ton, PetroChina 5000S reports 15600 yuan/ton, SECCO 5502 reports 14650 yuan/ton, 5401 reports 14750 yuan/ton, 5301 reports 14750 yuan/ton, 0220kj reports 15000 yuan/ton, and Yangba high pressure membrane reports 15000 yuan/ton. Imported materials: RMB 15350/ton for 218w and RMB 14850/ton for 1002kw

Qilu Chemical Industry City has a flat PE market atmosphere and stable quotation. 7042 is quoted at 14650 yuan/ton, and the workbench and upper beam are connected through two columns. 02tn26 is quoted at 15650 yuan/ton, and 6095 is quoted at 1. At the same time, the miniaturization of belt pulley and the reduction of wheel and belt width are required at 4950 yuan/ton, and 00tn00 is quoted at 16100 yuan/ton

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