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On July 10, the "2018 national customized home & door and window industry marketer survey excellent brand award ceremony and the third China customized home development forum" jointly hosted by China Construction Expo and Huiya media was grandly held in conference room 8, block B, Pazhou Exhibition Hall. Aichen doors and windows was invited to attend, and won the honor of "top 30 customized doors and windows" at one stroke. This is the recognition of Aichen doors and windows by the majority of consumers and the industry, and it is also the medal for all Aichen people to work together, which is worthy of every Aichen people's pride

award site

as a grand investigation ceremony of industry authority, once launched, this selection activity was highly respected by the industry and became a hot topic in the Pan home furnishing circle. Thousands of enterprises competed to show their strength on this stage, attracting competing reports from dozens of well-known media, including Sina home furnishing, Tencent home furnishing, today's headlines, China building decoration network and so on

AI Chen won the list

in the era of mobile internet interaction, enterprises can no longer win in the market by relying solely on quality. Brand has become a key factor affecting consumers' purchase. Who can take the lead in this brand pursuit war without smoke of gunpowder, who can occupy the market and win the right to speak

in 2018, the door and window industry, which has always been slow to develop, ushered in a continuous outbreak of brand development, and a large number of door and window enterprises rose rapidly. The customized door and window brands represented by Aichen doors and windows have been reviewed by experts in the industry and highly praised by consumers in terms of product quality, service quality, brand awareness and reputation

award ceremony site

at the grand award ceremony site, more than 800 guests from customized home furnishings, door and window enterprise representatives, dealers and media friends from all over the country joined hands to attend this grand event to jointly announce customized home furnishings & The birth of the five awards in the door and window industry witnessed this exciting moment of honor. After rigorous review procedures and long-term voting tests, eichen stood out from hundreds of campaign brands and easily won the honor of "top 30 customized doors and windows"

Chen Jizong (fourth from the left), brand director of Aichen safety doors and windows, received the award on the spot

as one of the fastest-growing brands in the domestic customized doors and windows industry, Aichen doors and windows has been deeply loved by consumers with humanized design concept and high-quality product reputation since its inception, and has been committed to producing healthy, safe and comfortable door and window products for consumers. In just a few years, Aichen doors and windows has gradually developed into one of the most competitive customized door and window brands in China

Aichen won the honor of "top 30 customized doors and windows"

2018 is a year of continuous investment attraction for Aichen doors and windows. After in-depth research on the door and window market and a detailed investigation of Aichen home, more and more people of insight were deeply moved by the brand-new marketing concept and strength of Aichen home, and successfully joined Aichen doors and windows, which has become an important banner for the layout of Aichen doors and windows across the country

Chen Jizong, director of Aichen brand, took a photo at the signing in place of the award

the overwhelming joining speed is a strong proof of the comprehensive strength and reputation of Aichen doors and windows. The strong brand influence, preferential joining policies, replicable profit model, professional joining assistance policies and so on attract more and more excellent franchisees to choose Aichen. Now, it has lived up to expectations and won the affirmation of the "top 30 customized doors and windows" award. Aichen doors and windows will overcome difficulties, carry this brand flag, and work together with dealers all over the country to create a new pattern of China's door and window market





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